I had a blast this past Saturday with Sarah and Mike who are getting married in June 2008. We shot for a good 2 hours at 3 locations including my new studio! These first few shots are in, or around my new studio… and also happened to be my first engagement session since I’ve had the studio. So much fun!




This super cool burned down building has sadly been demolished to a few small piles of rubble since I was there not more than a few weeks ago. Before Saturday, there were left over walls, beams and archways which were great for shooting in. All that was left were some small piles of brick… and this one wall in the shot below. We still managed to get a few “industrial” shots in, but I must say I’m sad to see this photographer’s dream site go away. : (Â


Kudos to Lisa for finding this spot on her trash the dress session from a few weeks back. Â



By far one of my favorite shots below. I did some texture overlays in photoshop too which was fun.  One of my own textures I photographed last fall.




Sarah’s great smile…Â



I think Mike liked all the instruction I gave him to kiss his fiance.  Well done Mike. : )Â



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  1. Nice work John! Love the doorway shot, feels like your not supposed to be there but still sweet.

  2. Congratulations on keeping the things that are working for you and branching out into a style I haven’t seen you do a lot of before. Like the person said above I totally feel like I caught them in the act in some of the photos. My wife and I met at Moody Bible Institute (no kissing on campus) in Chicago, Illinois. So these back alley pictures totally remind me of our three years of dating. We were caught in the act more than once. But I digress… nice pictures.

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