So we just passed the one month mark on Saturday and people have been begging for more pictures sooo… here ya go!  To start off, here’s a fun little video I threw together of her 4th+ week.  PLEASE NOTE: this is a longer “home video” like video… and its definitely custom made for people who like to look and stare at babies… so if you’re looking for that high impact, fast-paced baby video … this is not the video for you. (and I won’t be offended if you don’t watch the whole thing) : ) But its Alexa… with a few fun moments and even a little smile in there a few times!

For the most part she’s been a great baby so far with only moments of inconsolable crying… which usually meant she was tired or gassy.  She tends to sleep through the night with 2 feedings, and a 6 to 7am wake up time for the 3rd feeding … which I usually do with a bottle to give Amy some extra sleep time.  The routine seems to be working fairly well, but we average 1 to 2 days a week where naps just don’t seem to happen, and/or she wakes up every hour during the night.  But 6 out 7 days and nights she’s pretty laid back.  She seems to be having longer awake times (without crying) which has been fun, and on her 4 week birthday she smiled at me for the first time!img_0875_1.jpg

Amy seems to be doing good and has found a routine as well… though most of it revolves around Alexa and how well she naps or doesn’t nap during the day.  Alexa definitely prefers to nap while being held, but the baby swing sometimes can double for that when we need a break. 


By far my favorite times are when I hold her or rock her to sleep and she cuddles up in my arms and buries her face in my chest.  I know it won’t last long, so I am enjoying every day and NEVER say things like “I can’t wait until….” as I really just want to enjoy each day and not try and encourage her to get to the next stage.


Anyway that about sums it up!  Hope you liked the pictures and video.


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  1. I still can’t get over all the hair she has! She’s probably thinking, “Why does my dad always have a camera in front of him?” It’s great that you are enjoying these moments and not rushing them because they really do go quickly! Children are such a blessing.

  2. Oh my gosh– I watched every SECOND of that movie John. I think she looks a lot like the Pottenger side at this point– what do you think? She is just adorable. It brought me back to Wyndham’s first few months without muscle control:) I’m glad to hear that you are all doing well– your studio also looks AWESOME. You are going to dominate the photography market at this rate!

  3. i watched THE WHOLE video, and loved it! ok…in the middle of the video, where she smiles and her cheek jerks over to the side…i re-played that like 6 times and was laughing so hard! tim and i both think she’s adorable. aww, alexa.

  4. She is gorgeous! Wish we could see her in person. Keep posting pictures!!
    Big hugs to all three of you!

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