We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: back yard weddings are our favorite. When all the people you love are invited to your home to witness and celebrate your love story the whole property feels overflowing with an indescribable warmth. When we arrived at Morgan’s parents house, we could see the love. Her father out in the rain, moving things and making sure everything was in place. Austin, her brother in law, and our past groom (Morgan’s sister Chelsey got married to Austin five years ago, and we were lucky enough to capture their wedding too), out in the rain making sure the ceremony site was perfect. The floral was done by a fabulous family friend, the signs all hand lettered by her sisters, the cake baked with love… this whole wedding was literally crafted and curated out of the love these people hold for Morgan and Nick. It was an absolute honor to be invited to capture their day.

To start, lets go back in time, because you all need to hear the story of the Mardi Gras that brought these two together!

From the Bride, Morgan:

“A couple years ago I lived in an apartment right on the Mardi Gras parade route. These parade routes span miles and bring out crowds of thousands upon thousands of people. It just so happened that when I was standing at the end of my block I saw a familiar face walk by. A guy named Bo Wang I knew from college in Michigan just so happened to be visiting for Mardi Gras and walked right in my path. I stopped him and gave him a big surprised hello and was introduced to his two friends he had with him, one of which was Nick. We talked for a few minutes and then parted ways. A few days later at another parade, I was so excited as a very large set of beads were being tossed my way. At Mardi Gras, the goal is to get the big items and the large beads are a rare and prized possession. As I reached out my arm to grab the beads, a guy quickly came running in front of me and took the beads right out of my hands and quickly walked away. Several minutes later the guy returned and I realized it was Nick who I had met several days earlier who had stolen the beads from my hands. I mentioned I couldn’t believe he was the guy who ran in front of me and stole the big beads, so he handed me the large set of beads (which I still have today) and we started to talk. We spent the rest of the parade hanging out. A week later we were on our first date and the rest is history.

According to the groom’s version, he did not take the beads from me. His friend was on the float and was specifically tossing the large beads to him and he didn’t even notice he took the beads from my hands. He was just being a nice guy by giving the beads to me even though they were meant for him. “

Hah! So cute!!! We also love the aspects of New Orleans they brought to their wedding in honor of Nick, his family, and to pay tribute to their fateful meeting. With street signs, gold beads, and our favorite thing, a second line! The two had a family member play saxophone, and after they kissed, they grabbed umbrellas and led a second line to cocktail hour. It was SO fun!

Morgan looked stunning in her gown from The Dress Shop, and Nick looked handsome in his tux from John’s Tuxedos. The two cut a cake, heard toasts from loved ones and shared a sweet first dance in their fabric canopied tent. With floral from Gerych’s, food from Moveable Feast Catering, and Jams from Fairytale Productions, these two had an amazing vendor team to make their day complete. As an added bonus, we got to shoot along side Kelly Sweet Photography, and as always, it was so spectacular to see her in action.

Now, the day was full of fun moments, but our absolute favorite moment was the first look Morgan had (via facetime) with her Grandfather who recently fell ill, and couldn’t make the trip. He couldn’t stop telling her how beautiful she was, and the room was full of so many happy tears. Between that, Morgan’s first look with her dad, and Nick’s dad being his Best Man, you could see how much family meant to these two. Watching their families become one was such a blessing.

We are so happy for you two, and we wish you all the best on your new adventure of marriage!

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