Greg and Kara, thanks so much for your patience… today it is rewarded with your slideshow!  Enjoy! 

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  1. Kara,

    This was LOVELY! You were an absolutely beautiful bride….I’m so happy for you and Greg.


  2. oh wow Greg & Kara, that was amazing. it looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Congratulations and my deepest happiness goes out to you.

  3. This picture review brought a lot of smiles. The Lord bless you as you mutually help each other in your growth in His grace! You are a nice picture of the future perfect marriage of Christ and His bride in heaven.

    With love from Grandpa (and Grandma, if she could express herself)

  4. Kara…your wedding looked beautiful – and so did you! I wish I could have been there. Thank you for sending the link. I enjoyed the pictures very much!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I truly loved it. You and Greg look so happy. Your pictures brought a big smile to my face and a tear to my eye. Lots of love from us all!

  6. What a great show, gave me a good chance to go back and see some of the things I missed! (I think I shed more tears than on the day of the show.)

    Kara, you looked fantastic! (Greg, you looked pretty good too.) You had a great wedding, and we’re so happy for you both as you start out together. Your mother and I certainly wish you both the very best.

    Love, Dad

    (Private note to Kara and Greg- Can you get me a copy of the video?)

  7. Amazing, not only the way you looked Kara, but the incredible way the two of you radiated your love for eachother. There was something so beautiful and true about this day. Many people marry, few truly join as one. It is refreshing to see such pure love and know it is not only the love you have for eachother but the love you have for Christ. Encourage and love eachother everyday. Never go to bed angry. Put God first and your marriage will flurish.
    Lots of love,

  8. Kara & Greg, WOW! What an amazing slide show. John is a wonderful photographer! (Thanks, John!) The memories from this special day are truly ones that I cherish. It was a true “Kara & Greg” wedding/day. You were an incredibly beautiful bride, Kara, and Greg did a great job as the adoring groom. : ) I’ve been blessed by the love that you show for each other and the love that you show for God. May He bless and guide you always…..

    My love always,

    PS… The can-can was fun! Too bad your aunties weren’t there!

  9. Kara and Greg,

    Thank you for letting me have a glimpse of your wedding. The slideshow is great way to share your happiness with all of us that have wonderful memories of you.

    I am leaving you with a few words of wisdom…
    Mrs. Schmieder

    As bride and groom you came to the ceremony as two individuals, whole and complete unto yourselves. Your lives are now so bound that every action and every word, directly or indirectly affects the other. As you became united in marriage, you hold the emotions of each other in your hands. May you have the wisdom to hold them gently and with compassion.

    Remain supportive, respectful, patient, kind and forgiving throughout the journey of marriage.

    Encourage each other to fulfill your dreams, praise each other’s accomplishments and cushion each others falls.

    Grow in strength and wisdom.

    Be mature enough to reach out to each other with forgiveness and love.

    Remain humble. Do not take each other for granted, don’t forget the others virtues and do not concentrate on their faults.

    Celebrate life’s greatest joys that come to you and hold hands and hearts through life’s disappointments and challenges.

    May you find your marriage growing in beauty as the year’s pass by.

  10. Dear Kara,

    What a wonderful wedding was and wonderful sliding show !
    You and Greg looked fantastic.
    Be very much happy, be healthy, take care.
    Please say hello and congratulations to Greg.


    Kiok Lee,
    Eunyu Shin,
    son Dokyung Lee,
    son Daeguan Lee

    Busan Metropolitan City
    Republic of Korea

  11. Greg,

    Congratulations! Always remember to feed the hippopatamus before church. Never forget bananas are shockingly redundant everyday. Don’t split hairs or bicker over leftovers.
    Love us,
    Messiah Peeps
    (The best made-up advice you’ll ever get!)

  12. Hi! I had the privilege of viewing your pictures when I was with Joe and Sharon this summer in IL. I asked her to send this slideshow to me out here in CT. (Thank you, Kris, for sending it along!!) What a pleasure to see your beautiful photos of your incredible day!! My husband just watched it with me and asked if you know who the artists are on the soundtrack.
    Blessings to you!!

    – Ann Zwanzig Downing

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