A little rain here and there was no problem for this romantic Cherry Creek Banquet Center wedding! Here's Rebekah and Jonathan's story from their questionnaire:

"The two families have been friends for Jonathan & Rebekah's whole lives, so they've always known each other. Over the past several years Rebekah has spent a lot more time with Jonathan's family and became very close with them. In just the last few years they started having more of an interest in one another, and had more interaction (though mostly in group settings). They started officially dating in February of 2019. They were both very serious about the relationship and looking to be married , so once they felt confident that they were right for each other, they felt no need to wait. They got engaged on May 25, 2019.

Rebekah wanted to be surprised by the proposal, but didn't think Jonathan would be able to because she usually catches onto that sort of thing, and on top of that they spend so much time together that it would be hard for him to get things lined up without her knowing. Jonathan had decided that he wanted to propose by going on a bike ride to a nice park and proposing there (they had been taking frequent Saturday afternoon bikerides). On May 25, Jonathan's friend texted and asked if Jonathan wanted to go for a bikeride and upon thinking of it, Jonathan realized that this might be a good opportunity, since Rebekah wouldn't suspect a proposal on a bikeride with other people. Jonathan set up the bikeride, inviting his sister along as well. They biked to a lakefront park several miles away, with a lot of trees and a boardwalk along the lake. Everything went as planned, with Jonathan's friend and sister splitting off in a different direction once they got into the park (per Jonathan's instructions). Jonathan & Rebekah continued along the boardwalk, with Jonathan on the lookout for a good spot along the way. There was a storm looming, but at one point, Rebekah stopped, setting up her phone to try to get a picture of the two of them alongside the lake. Not wanting to get caught in the storm before proposing, Jonathan suggested they continue back before the storm came, and they did so. Once they came to the spot he'd picked out earlier, he pointed out a plaque on the railing of the boardwalk, and steered Rebekah towards the spot--a bowed-out section of boardwalk, with a bench, under some weeping trees. Rebekah stood at the boardwalk, looking out over the lake, and Jonathan stood next to her for a moment, then turned her towards him and got down on one knee. She was completely surprised. He asked her to marry him, and she said yes, then he slipped the ring on her finger. 

He then explained that Jeff (his friend) and Angela (his sister) knew already, and they set off to find Jeff & Angela. They caught up with them and sought shelter under the outbuilding of the park just as it began to storm. Eventually, as the rain died down a little, they decided to go ahead and they biked back in the sprinkling rain. They spent the rest of that day and the next sharing their news with their family and close friends."

Some people have to travel the world over to find that special someone. In Rebekah and Jonathan's case, they only had to cross the street! 🙂

July 28th, 2019 was forecasted to be a beautiful, radiant day. Which, as Michigander's, we knew meant it could rain at any moment. We started off our day in sunny St. Clair Shores, bouncing back and forth between the two families' residences. Both houses were bustling with friendly faces of family we've come to know and love here at Coastline Studios over the years. We got to film a good example of just how easy it was for these two to grow up together, as the Best Man and Maid of Honor met in the middle of the street to exchange the couple's gifts to each other; all while Jonathan was stepping into his Jos. A. Bank suit, and Rebekah her gorgeous The Wedding Shoppe gown.

We believe a higher power was definitely present during the day, and that's not just because of the beautifully spiritual ceremony Jonathan's father presided over at the Cherry Creek Golf Club and Banquet Center. The rain started as we headed to the ceremony site, and was a good heads-up of what was to come. Thanks to the great people at the banquet center, and do to it just being an amazing venue in general, everyone was ready and willing to have a lovely ceremony inside.

As soon as the ceremony finished, the rain followed suit, leaving us with a magnificent golden hour for photos with the couple. The reception was a fantastic family affair, with wonderful speeches from so many of their close family members. Cherry fritters and some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream to finish the evening made sure that not only our hearts, but our stomachs were full as well 😀

And did we mention the successful reunion of Jen Kroll Photography and Coastline Studios!? It was a blast to work with Jen again, and we couldn't have asked for a better vendor partner to capture Rebekah and Jonathan's splendid day with.

Congrats on forever, you two!

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