Here’s a little on how these two met and fell in love (from their questionaire):

“It all started on June 14th, 2014 at the Old Town Art Fair. We were both invited to a day party on Wells Street, and ironically we both almost didn’t go out that day but we were convinced by friends to go this annual Chicago summer kickoff festival. John spotted Meghan when she walked through the door, and he told his longtime childhood friend Danny Dowd “There’s Mrs. Brennan.” Meghan had met John’s friend Danny at a charity event a few months prior, and she had also met and hung out with John’s other two roommates but John and Meghan had not yet met.
Meghan was talking with her roommate from college Chrissy about Notre Dame (where they both attended) and John overheard the conversation and made the first move with the line “You two are too pretty to have gone to Notre Dame.” Meghan rolled her eyes at that pick-up line. However as she and John continued to talk, the more they both realized that this was it. We talked about everything of importance to us, which happened to align – family, our Catholic faith and our communities…

John and Meghan went on to spend the rest of the day together – stopping in Suite Lounge for a drink and meeting Johnny’s oldest sister Meghan, then we went to a Dave Matthews Band cover band concert behind O’Brien’s restaurant on Wells. From there, we had our first unofficial date at Elly’s Pancake House – Johnny’s favorite late night diner spot. We continued to talk about family, and Johnny recalls being impressed Meghan could remember all six kids’ names in his family. Meghan and Johnny would continue to frequent Elly’s for breakfast and late night food and became friendly with the manager Keith who waited on us for our first “date”.

After Elly’s, Meghan meets another one of Johnny’s sisters, Kelly. From there, Johnny walked Meghan home. The following day Johnny asked Meghan out on an official date for that Wednesday. We went to Cantina Laredo, which is where Meghan would first meet his parents a few weeks later. From there, it was a whirlwind. Meghan and Johnny spent every second together. It was like they always knew each other. The relationship was fast and furious with the topic of marriage discussed early on.”


When they got engaged, they called us, and we went to Chicago to film the whole day!


The couple had a gorgeous day at Four Seasons Chicago. The girls got their hair done by Kristen Thibeault and their make up done by Jen Flynn. They enjoyed mimosas and good music while the guys got on their tuxes by JoS. A. Bank and enjoyed a toast before the ceremony. Meghan slipped into her Monique Lhuillier gown from Ultimate Bride Chicago, and just like that the bride was ready for her big walk down the aisle.

The couple had a beautiful catholic ceremony at Holy Name Cathedral. We just adore John’s reaction to seeing Meghan for the first time. With vows, rings, an “I do” and a kiss, the two were wed, and were headed back to the Four Seasons for their gorgeous reception. With event design by Revel Group, floral by Simply Flowers Design, and signage and printables by Nico & Lala, their reception was like a dream. The couple was escorted in by bagpipers, enjoyed toasts from loved ones, cut a tasty grooms cake, and danced the night away with all of their favorite people.

Everything about their day was flawless, we are so honored they chose us to capture it!


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