Here is how the two met and became engaged:

“We have known each other our whole lives and seen each other often. But our friendship really formed around 2009. Josiah started hanging out with Julia’s brother and Julia was close with her brother, so naturally was around and the three of us became a close trio. Julia started liking Josiah at this time, Josiah claims he had already liked her for a lot longer. The three of us decided to read the bible in 90 days together, since then we have pretty much read it every year together. Eventually our friendship became more between the two of us. We started texting often and over the last couple years there was barely a day without texts. Because of all the time and the deepness of our conversations we knew each other very, very well and were basically sure that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together before we ever started dating. Last summer it finally became official and three months later we were engaged!”

When they were wed we were invited to capture their big day!


The day started with their families and close friends. The girls enjoying breakfast and getting their hair done, the boys suiting up before heading to Legacy Oaks for their ceremony, where the two would vow to love one another the rest of their days. It was a beautiful ceremony, and Julia’s gown from The Wedding Shoppe looked flawless as she walked down the aisle to say, “I do!”

After a kiss and greeting all of their guests, the two took photos with Jen Kroll Photography while all of their guests headed to Country Club of Detroit. With touches of navy and blush, candle light, and a flawless cake made by the venue, everything about their reception was beautiful; especially all of the toasts heard by their favorite people.

Congratulations on forever, you two!

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