Here’s how Kerri, the bride, explains how their relationship started:

“Last Christmas I was in Florida visiting my parents and he was doing the same. My parents were very sick with the flu so I was avoiding them on Christmas day. I went to the beach and posted a picture of my feet in the white sand and said “I’ve been dreaming of a while Christmas”. Lots of people were commenting about how jealous they were for the warm weather and sand… But then Jake Mellama popped up on my notifications. We were Facebook friends for years but had only seen each other in person a handful of times. I basically just knew him as a friend of my ex. He commented and said he was doing the same thing- but about 30 miles north of me. Since I was all alone on Christmas I immediately wrote him and asked him if he needed a boat or a bar buddy while he was also visiting Florida. He said he and his parents were planning to take the boat out the next day and that I should join. I didn’t know it but at this point he also texted my ex- his bf, and asked if it was ok that he had just invited me to hang out. The ex said of course and wished us well! Said “no matter what happens, it’s cool”. Jake replied that obviously nothing was going to happen- just a fun day on the boat with a friend. The next day came and I almost cancelled because I was nervous that if it was super weird hanging out with him in person… I’d be stuck on a boat in the ocean with him and his parents all day. Luckily I decided to go although I felt super weird. I packed my parents mini van and headed 30 min north. Upon arrival I noticed their driveway was full so I pulled into the ditch on the other side of the road.. In my minivan. I didn’t notice that the ditch was 90 degrees… or so it felt. Jake came out to the car to meet me and we exchanged hello’s. I remember thinking he looked pretty hot and then immediately pushed the thought away. I asked him if I should move the van or if I was ok. He said “yeah- why don’t you pull it out and move it over here” pointing to a very flat surface which would have been a much better choice. I jumped back in the car and proceeded to through mud and grass along the fence on the other side of the road. I was COMPLETELY stuck. He watched me suffer and try to rock the mini for a bit while laughing and then offered to save me and move it himself. Red faced and mortified I jumped out of the mini van and he quickly backed it out and backed it on the flat part of the yard…. We laughed… even his mom and dad laughed even though I had just destroyed their yard. It ended up being a lovely ice breaker. We took the boat to the water and by the 2nd island we were exploring something started to grow in each of us. By the end of the day we decided to grab dinner before I drove back to my parents (We saw a terrible band at a tiki bar), knowing what an incredible musician he was it gave us something to laugh about. It was 3am before I looked at a clock because the conversation was so amazing! And the rest.. as they say… is history!”

In December, they were wed, and they invited us along to capture their big day!



The whole day happened at one of our very favorite venues, The Cheney Place. Kerri and her bridesmaids got pampered by the staff from Cheeky Strut, getting hair and make-up done, enjoying each other’s company, and drinking champagne. Meanwhile, Jake and his groomsmen played guitar, sang, laughed, and got into their suits to gear up for the big day. After getting ready, Kerri’s bridesmaids put on their mismatched blush gowns, and Kerri slipped into her ruched, asymmetrical gown, slipped into her rose gold, metallic pumps, and got ready to head upstairs for their adorable first look!

After their first look, the two headed down to their ceremony. With pews from Fancy Fray, chandeliers, and all of their loved ones surrounding them, they said some of the cutest vows we’ve ever heard! And with a big kiss, the two were wed, and ready to head to their reception. They entered in an awesome fashion, with light sabers! Then, headed straight to their gold dot covered cake. The two had a first dance… which was also a pretty intense wooden-spoon lip syncing session. We loved this, they even gave out wooden spoons to their guests so they could all sing along all night long! After hearing toasts from their loved ones, and eating delicious food from Vault Catering,  the two spend the night dancing with all their friend and family to Brena Band, and partied until they shut The Cheney Place down!




Photography By Heather Cisler
Photography By Heather Cisler


We adore these two, we’re so honored and glad they chose us to capture every moment of their wedding,
and we wish them all the best in life together!

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