To see how this New Years Eve wedding came to be, here’s how Sarah, the Bride, explains their proposal story:

“It was clear about 5 years in to our relationship that we wanted to get married. We both wanted to be through medical school before we got engaged/married. In March 2014 I had decided I was ready to get engaged. Anyone who knows me knows that when I decide about something, I’m not the most patient person in the world. Jason on the other hand has the patience and restraint of a saint. I began not so subtly hinting I was ready to get engaged and wanted to start looking at rings. We looked at a couple different places… One of our classmates about 2 months after we started dating said to Jason….”If you are ever going to propose to that girl, you are going to have to fly her to space.” I also kept joking for months that I was going to know exactly when he bought the ring because he was going to start acting differently (I was going to write down the date and we would compare later) and I 100% knew the day he was going to ask because he was going to be acting really weird. But Jason managed to outsmart me again….

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina has always been my favorite vacation spot. My parents went there on their honeymoon and bought a condo and we have been going down every October ever since. The place is filled with great family memories for me. I have been nagging Jason to come down to Hilton Head with us for a couple years but it never worked with his schedule. I really wanted to show him all the great places we had been over the years. In his 4th year of medical school, things are a bit more lax so I again begged that he come down with us, but he scheduled a rotation that he couldn’t get time off so I was bummed he wasn’t going to be there again. I spent a great week with my family and basically talked the entire time about our wedding since I figured in the next 2-3 months we would be embarking on wedding planning. My parents and my brother never said anything. On our last day down there my mom and I were talking and I said…”Well Jason and I are going to look at rings again when I get back since we haven’t looked in a while and I think he’ll be getting one soon.” I had no idea that in 2 hours, we’d be engaged.

I went down to the pool and was reading a book when my brother asked if I wanted to go for a walk on the beach. We frequently go for walks and talk so I said sure but I wanted to finish my chapter. Apparently Jason was already in the condo (about 80yrs from me) getting ready to propose but I had no idea. Matt (my brother) starts freaking out about how long my chapter is and how he is going to get me to the beach. He whines to my dad about how I won’t stop reading and go walk with him. So my dad prods me to finish up and go for a walk with Matt. We start walking and after about 10 minutes I ask if we can turn around since I wanted to go back and put more sunscreen on. He keeps saying, just a few more houses. So we walk a bit further then finally turn around to head back towards the condo. A few minutes after turning around, I see someone who I thought very faintly resembled Jason in the distance. I knew it couldn’t be him because we had talked the night before about the meeting he was going to be in all morning which meant he needed me to register his broomball team for the playoffs (a very important task!). I also knew I couldn’t say to Matt that I thought it looked like Jason because he would just make fun of me for missing Jason and seeing things. So we walk a bit further and Matt all of the sudden takes off. He says he’s going to go see some houses closer and talk to some random people and I yell at him to get back on the beach and walk with me but he insisted and I just let him go and start to walk back on my own. About 15 steps later I looked up and realized that it actually was Jason on the beach. I was so confused but I ran up and hugged him. He wouldn’t let me jump up and hug him because he had something to ask me. He got down on one knee and popped the question. I said yes, started crying, and we walked back to condo to meet my family (who had been in on the whole plan for weeks). I was completely shocked. I had no idea he had gotten a ring nor that his proposal would be so elaborate. He knew how much Hilton Head meant to me and it was absolutely the perfect proposal. We spent the rest of the day showing Jason some of our favorite spots on the island, drinking champagne, and eating awesome food. It truly was the perfect day!!”

And when they finally said I do, they invited us along to capture every moment!



The day began at the Detroit Athletic Club. Sarah and her girls got pampered with hair by Amy Hendrickson and make-up by Crystal Drake. Sarah looked so cute in her robe and sequin moccs, awaiting her big day. Meanwhile, Jason and his groomsmen got on their Tuxes from The Black Tux, tying their bow-ties just right, and showing off their college athletic socks. Before long, Sarah was slipping into her beaded ballgown from Bella Bridal Gallery, her sparkly Kate Spade peep toe heels, and getting ready to do her first looks, not with Jason, but with her Dad! One of our favorite moments of the wedding day.

She united with her dad on the staircase, and then the two headed to Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church where Sarah and her dad walked down the aisle so she could say her I dos with Jason. The church was filled with twinkling lights, and once they exchanged rings and sealed their vows with a kiss, the two were whisked around town on their party bus with their closest friends to do photos with A Thousand Words Photography before heading back to the D.A.C. for their reception.

Their reception was filled with floral by Conner Park Flowers, gold and ivory floating candles, and sparkly gold accents to help bring in the new year with style. Sarah and Jason entered, heard toasts from dear friends and family, cut their cake, and had their first dance before opening the dance floor to dance in the New Year with everyone they hold dear. And at Midnight, the couple got on stage, and chanted a count down from ten to one, and at midnight shared one long, romantic, New Years kiss as husband and wife.

Everything about their day was absolutely perfect, and we feel so honored they chose us to spend it with them. Congratulations on forever, you two!

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