If you’ve been following Coastline Studios over the last few months (or years for that matter), you may have noticed a few “non” wedding videos poking through every now and then.  This is no accident. 🙂  We have been in the planning stages of launching an entirely new set of video packages that focus on the every day life of people. Today I am happy to announce this new service is finally being made available!  We are calling these new videos our “Art of Life” films.

While we are still working out pricing and package specifics, what I can tell you is that these videos are designed to celebrate “life as it is” and are priced to start around $300.  It could be a simple Saturday morning pancake breakfast with your family, or a day in the life of a summer vacation, or perhaps a family trip to the beach.  Of course there are some larger events in life that are a bit out of the ordinary daily routine such as the birth of your child, perhaps a father taking his son to his first Major League Baseball game or a night out with your kids to see a Disney on Ice show. The point is that it could be anything at any stage of life!

My motivation for launching our new “Art of Life” films is simple: I see life as a beautiful gift.  It is to be enjoyed, remembered and yes, celebrated daily.  My goal with these films is to artistically tell the story of people as they are. Be it in the “every day” little things that happen regularly, or more significant “one time” life events.  They are not staged… they are life as it happens.  There is art and beauty to be found in life, and our new “Art of Life” films are designed to highlight and capture both the little moments and the big ones.

Below is one of our first (official) “Art of Life” film which highlights the life of the Reedy family!  Our goal in this film was to capture the things that take place during the summer days of this family, as well as document the 3 boys at the ages they are now.   I hope you like it!

If you have an interest in discussing having this type of film created for you or someone you know, please contact us!  We will get you our pricing and package information as soon as it is available.

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