It was a brisk fall day in September 2010 when I first met Sara to discuss wedding videography.  The power had gone out at the studio and she had driven in from out of town to meet with me… so I quickly set up the living room in my house (where I still had power) as a makeshift client meeting space and we proceeded to meet there.  Perhaps it was the fact that my pug dog “Dozer” snuggled up with her on the couch during our meeting that sealed the deal, but whatever the reason… Sara decided to book us to film her and wedding. 🙂

Fast forward the tape to July 2011 and my crew and I were in for a real treat.  Working with a fantastic team of vendors including Aletha of Pearls Events, the ever amazing Ben & Laura Harrison taking photos, Tracy Park designing floral masterpieces, Julie Strating, the “waterproof makeup super hero”… and so many more talented people to put together a memorable day for Sara and Bud.

The day started out pretty normal… bride prep, groom prep, a first viewing before the ceremony, and then time to prepare for the ceremony.  The weather to this point had been a little humid, but still sunny with some clouds.  There was however, the possibility that a small little green blob on the radar “might” swing by our location in Battle creek MI, but it certainly seemed liked it was going to miss us… or so we all thought. (for more this … see my behind the scenes video here).

For me, I loved that it rained on us.  Maybe because it’s something different from of the every day typical wedding we film, or perhaps I just think there’s something romantic to saying your vows in the rain under an umbrella… but the real heart of this wedding day was a small private ceremony with just Sara and Bud’s parents and their wedding party in a small upstairs bedroom just after the rainy ceremony.  With all the crazy weather hitting right as the vows were beginning, Sara and Bud felt it was rushed and the significance and meaning behind their vows were not given the time and focus they deserved.  I completely agree.  And just like that, my rainy day romantic high was topped by this intimate moment that was so special and beautiful and well…. beyond words.  Then when we walked back outside the rain had gone and had been replaced with a beautiful rainbow.

How do you top that?  Well, you put Sara and Bud right in the middle of it all.  Two amazing people who are completely in love and so wonderful to be around.  Their love was (and is) so infectious.

This my friends, is why I love my job.  I get to capture amazing people’s amazing stories.  And here is 3 and half minute preview of Sara and Bud’s.


If you want just a little bit more you can see their “Teaser Trailer” by clicking here.

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