I’ve been on an interesting Journey this year… one of discovery, awakening and clarity.  The farther along this journey I go, the more I come to realize two important things.  1) Life should be about others and not me, and 2) I love to tell other people’s story through video. Learning how to do these things is and always will be something I strive to do better.

This weekend I had the joy of watching the son of my good friend Brian experience his first baseball game at Wrigley Field in Chicago.  Sure going to any baseball game can be fun, but to watch Carter’s excitement… his anticipation and ultimately his joy in this first-time experience was nothing short of amazing for me.  Maybe it was only a simple baseball game, but to him (and for me) it was so much more than that.

The 3 of us enjoyed the game from the center field bleachers of Wrigley.  It was in many ways a perfect night.  The seats were perfect, the weather was impeccable, and the fans around us were a perfect mix of fun without being obnoxious ; ).  Carter’s favorite player even hit a home run!

Now I’m not a cubs fan, nor to do I dislike the cubs.  I’m completely indifferent in fact.  Some might see this video, see that it involves the Cubs and Love it… or Hate it.  I simply ask that when you watch it, that you look past any deep feelings you may have, and see past that into Carter’s story.  It’s a fun one to watch, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I had fun experiencing, filming and editing it. : )

[flashvideo filename=”/tv/Carters-1st-Game.flv” width=”620″ height=”348″ /]

It was magical, as many moments in life are.  And I hope that I can continue to do this.  I’ve come to find, this is who I am… a story teller, a film maker… of others.  Carter, Brian and to all of your family I thank you for allowing me to share this memorable part of your lives with you. : )

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  1. Thanks John, my cousin Jay Hidalgo shared this on Face Book and all I can say is I feel like I’m 9 again, woo hoo! To Carter, they just keep getting better buddy, they just get better… And finally to Brian, soak it up dad…

  2. Very, very nice (as usual). Hope this will go up on YouTube. I bet a lot of people would like to see it. You can come along the next time my son and I take in a UM football game 😉

  3. I absolutely loved this! It brought tears to my eyes. I can remember when Brian was Carter’s age.

    God bless you, Sandy and Craig, and your beautiful family.

    And I encourage the story teller to keep going. We need touching stories like this.

  4. Being the Aunt of Brian and the Great Aunt of Carter – and living in Washington State – I never get to see them! This is a wonderful Movie and it looked like they
    were having so much fun and a great experience!

    Just Loved it So Much,

    Eve Fleming

  5. That was awesome! Go Cubbies! Go Carter! Rumor has it you even got some Chicago Pizza. Boy am I jealous. Way to go dad!! (John – Great job on the video)

  6. John, great work! I’m sure if John followed you two at an ISU football game, the mood, music, and expressions might be quite different. C-man, you’re the best!

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