Lately I’ve been finding the saying, “Life comes in 3’s” to be true… at least with photo shoots.  This is my 2nd of 3 model photo shoots I will have shot within a 2 week span.  Christi stopped by yesterday for a quick round of head shots to help kick start her portfolio and recent signing with Matthew Agency.

I’ve been shooting a lot in my studio lately and wanted to try a few new lighting techniques to “change things up” a bit.  These first 3 shots all have different lighting set ups…

This first one used 2 lights.  A 60″ umbrella directly above me (the light is flashed through the umbrella), and a small 24″ umbrella filling in below and off to the side (light is reflecting back off umbrella).  This first shot was my favorite. 🙂


This second shot was the same as above only adding in a Nikon SB900 flash with a CTO (orange gel) on it shooting from the right side and slightly behind.


And this 3rd shot was the same as the image above minus the 24″ umbrella fill light from below on the left.


Now we are down to just the one 60″ umbrella and a rim light.







And to close out the shoot, an all natural sunset lighting shot.  The sun peaked out of the clouds just long enough to add some warmth in the lighting.


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