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  1. John, you are amazing! Even w/the above-normal subject matter with which you had to work, your creativity makes these pictures breath-taking! The ONLY problem with this perfect, musically-choreographed montage of photographs is that I’ve cried my makeup off, way too early in the work day!!! Again, bravo!

  2. I have never seen such a beautiful bride. (Josh is also so handsome). I am honored to know them both…… John you did an amazing job!! You made a special day even more wonderful.

  3. Wow this whole slideshow reminds me of pictures from a bridal magazine. Excellent job! Is there any way I can find out where she got her bridesmaid dresses? I just love them!



  4. Josh and Jori,
    Thanks for sharing your day with me. THe pictures are the best I have ever seen. Your both “model material”. A dress is only a dress unless its worn well, you make that wedding dress awsome. Love the colors you picked out. Josh you look so good. You remind me so of your Dad. Your parents have to be so proud! I want to mention the cake too, Love the color and the style. What a great memory album for both of you. Congratulations and much love to you both.

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