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  1. love those shots, john! those are two of my favorite love songs! i’m so proud of you for using rascal flatts despite your dislike for country music. 🙂

  2. i tried my best to not cry and yet i couldn’t stop it from happening. the pictures look great guys!!!

  3. Oh my gosh Christy!!! How beautiful you are.
    Wonderful pictures…great to see your Mom & Dad and JD on keys!
    Can’t wait to meet Aaron. God’s richest blessings on your lives.
    We must catch up. Love you.

  4. Dearest Christy & Aaron,

    May these happy photos inaugurate a lifetime of happiness, prosperity and love for you. What a beautiful couple! God has his hand over your heads (foreign expression) and His love is clear in your eyes. Please accept my very best.


  5. Aaron & Christy,
    Tears of pure joy for you both!You carry the beauty of your mother Christy. I always saw so much of your dad in your refelection, however, this day you were so very much your sweet mom. I can not express how happy I am for you! Of course Aaron, you know what a gift and prize The Lord has saved for you in Blessing you with such a daughter of the King!!! You, I am sure, are VERY special to have had God give Christy to you!
    All the abundance of Joy and the Happiest Life In Christ to you both! Cherish and Love one another into eternity with hearts of great thankfulness!
    May His Blessings Overtake you!
    Dennis & Naomi Rocheleau

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