Though a few weeks behind, here is Bethany and John’s Slideshow at last. : )  Enjoy!

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  1. John, The slideshow is fantastic! We really enjoyed watching it. Bethany wants to see it over and over. I had to remind her, “This isn’t the video yet!” Excellent job. You haven’t disappointed! Looking forward to see all the rest! J&B

    P.S. One of Bethany’s favorites is the picture of all her brothers sitting down together in church. My favorites are all the ones of her 🙂

  2. P.P.S. Thank you for the one month anniversary gift! We just noticed the timing of music to our communion – “you bled and died, and rose again for me!” And isn’t it appropriate that we should see Him in each other? Very beautiful.

  3. Wow, the slideshow was absolutely beautiful! Bethany called me last night at midnight to tell me it was up. I really like the one of Bethany sitting on the stairway with the bridesmaids standing around, and the one of her brothers in the church is just great!

  4. Yes, we just watched it again! John and Ryan – not to leave you two out. You were both a pleasure to have around in the morning and you got some great pictures too. Bethany and I are looking forward to see the rest! – she wants to see what I was doing that morning – I really liked the one of my cousin holding the suit and drinking mountain dew. Thank you all again!

  5. Wow! Great pictures. Bethany sent around an email about the photos being up, and I just wanted to say that I enjoyed them. I agree with Bethany and say that the one of all the boys sitting together is the best. 😀 Nice work! -Elizabeth

  6. hey john….. i’m diggin’ the new website…. it looks great! it also inspired me to get moving on mine again….. i bought the “charlie” and “mia” to separate mine into three about 2 months ago….. and still…… not finished!

    maybe one of these days….. i’ll actually see you in person and not just on your website or facebook! hope you guys are well! 🙂

  7. Gorgeous slideshow. I think my favorite was the one of J & B by the tree, but it was hard for me to decide. I liked them all!! The music, I thought, was very fitting and just… wonderful!! I love you John & Bethany, and I can’t wait to see the video!

    – A Friend

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