I’ve been looking forward to Kara and Greg’s wedding for quite a while now, and it was everything a photographer could dream of. First I knew the couple (mostly Kara) and had already done some portrait work with Kara who is also a photographer, (click here to see those images) so she knew how to pose. Secondly they both were so fun and easy going… it was easy to snap shots of them because they were always joking around with each other and anyone around. In addition to being fun, they also were very in love with each other … so getting good romantic shots of them together was a walk in the park.  Add a great 70 degree sunny day with fluffy clouds, and its a photographer’s paradise!

The ceremony was at Greg’s parent’s house in West Olive, MI.


This is the first thing I saw when I walked into the house. I decided to go in anyway. : )


Couldn’t resist snapping this shot of Grandpa on the front porch moments after we arrived.



It was a beautiful dress and this candid moment really shows some of the detail in the veil.


I was pleased with this unique angle on capturing shoes and Kara’s nice looking toes. : ) (Even her toes know how to pose! … j/k)


Is this next shot posed or a candid moment? Anyone care to guess?


Hello Gorgeous.


OK, we can’t leave out Greg. Greg knows how to pose too. : )


Gotta love the forest we had to shoot in!





Of course with any good forest, you’ll have mosquitoes. And they are BAD this year! This was a common activity during the day…


The ceremony location…


Is it me or does Kara look like she’s posing perfectly for this shot. I know she isn’t posing… but her posture is perfect. Well done guys!


There is a magical 30 seconds after every ceremony with emotions that are so genuine and true between the newly married couple …



Ok so this shot was shot “from the hip” meaning I had the camera down by my belt and was guessing on aim and focus. I admit this was not my first try on getting the shot, but it turned out so good I had to throw it in there! : ) I should also point out this was with my 70-200mm lens… so it was more difficult than normal to hit the right point for focus and framing.




Probably one of my favorite shots of the day… an unplanned artsy shot. 100% candid and unplanned, but wicked AWESOME!


Showing their true colors…





OK… jump to the reception… these kids were all lined up and I had to capture the scene. The next 2 photos have to go together. (note the kid on the left especially)



Kara’s Mom while watching a slideshow… someday this will be me crying at my own daughter’s slideshow video.


And the first dance…




What an awesome day! Everyone kept thanking me for “giving up my 4th of July Holiday”… but I couldn’t have dreamt of doing anything else! Congrats you guys! Thanks again for letting me be a part of your special day.

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  1. oh i love rustic weddings…amazing shots john! and i do love love love the b & w shot of the bride by the window.

  2. We’re back in OK but we LOVE the few shots you have shared already. Can’t wait to see the rest – they are awesome!! Thank-you for being so easy to have around on our kids special day.

  3. The photos are amazing…so glad the Hoffmans shared your blog info with us. It was a beautiful setting for your great work.

  4. Can’t wait to see all 8,700 pix because these are just incredible. Of course, John had some great-looking people to photograph making his job easier. Probably one of the most fun, relaxed enjoyable wedding I’ve ever been to or been in.

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