I had the privilege and opportunity last weekend to document one of the biggest birthday celebrations I’ve ever seen.  The event was simply extraordinary, and not just because of all the details, decor, memorabilia, signature drinks, ice sculptures, custom lighting and guests… no this event was special because of the example and positive impact of the woman celebrating her 75th birthday.  Due to the high profile nature of the event I’m not at liberty to say who it was, and so I’ll just be posting detail shots… and well some other fun shots at the end of this post (read on…)

It’s always an honor and a blast to work with Jen Kroll, and on this event we teamed up to offer photography coverage together for the event… along with one assistant each…. yes… 4 photographers total.  If you had been to this event though, you would have seen why 4 was actually a perfect number for covering this momentous occasion.  Of course being that there was 4 photographers, I decided that one of the best ways I could deliver something different was to use a lens that none of the other photographers own… A FISH EYE LENS!  It’s actually not a lens I use that often as it can really distort and bent the image… however when used correctly, it can reveal some incredible images and angles that are impossible to capture without it.  So, I started the evening off shooting almost entirely on fish eye… here are some of my “fish eye” favorites.

This first image was taken in a room full of memories, pictures, props and memorabilia from her life.


Inside the main reception/dinner area (still fish eye mind you).



Ice sculptures adorned the entire venue.

This ice bar was absolutely stunning!


What good is a bar without drinks!  Guests were served before they even entered the party!


Some of these shots of the drinks were my favorite “fish eye shots” of the night.



A cocktail reception area inside.



Jen Kroll took a great shot of this candy dish below (shown on her blog).  This is another “fish eye” shot offering a unique way to capture the same thing differently.


Now for a little bonus!  I had to throw in some shots of us working too… so here ya go!

The lovely Jen Kroll… on the hunt for some great candids


Here’s Ryan Prins in action… (taken with… of course… the fish eye).


Self Portrait!

Not only did Coastline Studios capture the event in photography, but also on video!  Here is Jay Irwin having some fun.


Below Jon Ackerman holds the glidecam and moves to get a new shot … Jay is seen filming right behind him.  Of course Ryan and Jen also made this shot… 4 for the price of 1!


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