Ok so if you haven’t seen this yet, you’re in for a treat.  You have to check out this latest toy from www.pleoworld.com.  This little dino has touch sensors, cameras, and a myriad of other sensors that tell it all about its environment.  For example if you pick it up by its tale, it knows this, and GETS UPSET WITH YOU, or if you feed it it shows affection and cuddles you.  Its artificial intelligence is beyond amazing.  A bit pricey though, at $350… but man, I’d love to to have one someday.  Maybe Christmas 2008 when/if a newer version comes out.  : )

[flashvideo filename=”/tv/Webisode12.flv” width=”450″ height=”330″ /]

Video from www.pleoworld.com

There are lots of other videos of this amazing toy here.  Check them all out!

Also be sure to check out iFixit.com for in inside look at Pleo’s inner workings. : )

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