I thought all of you loyal blog readers would enjoy seeing my daughter, Alexa’s birth announcement video.  Amy found this song and I literally heard less than 5 seconds of it and I was in tears.  I cried making it too… who would have thought having a daughter would bring so much love, emotion and joy to my life.  I love you baby girl!

[flashvideo filename=”http://www.pottengerfamily.com/media/AlexaVideo.flv” width=”640″ height=”480″ /]

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  1. Definitely a miracle. I haven’t even met her and just from that video I love her to pieces.
    Can’t wait to see you guys at the studio tomorrow.

  2. John –

    Congrats on being a Dad! Looks like she’s very photogenic and I hope you and your wife are taking lots of video and photos for memories. Just took a look at the blog and seems like business is going well for you. Hopefully you can bring business and being a dad together like we had talked about when we got together.

    Hope all is well!


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