As many of you know, my wife Amy and I are expecting our first child (a little girl) in about 2 weeks.  Amy’s interior design degree came in handy and the nursery is now complete!  I give her most of the credit though, as all I did was all the construction related stuff (assembling the crib, hanging heavy things on the wall etc…).  She picked out everything, and did all the decorating herself.  We painted it a “neutral” green about a year or so ago knowing some day it would be a nursery…  and now it’s finally finished! 

I’ve been getting repeated requests both in person and through e-mails to see the nursery… so here’s s some pics I took of it this morning.  I’ll add some commentary below each picture…


The first thing that pop out are the nice glider rocker chair w/ gliding foot rest which is nicely adorned with a homemade quilt from my mom.  This quilt was quite the challenge to make my mom tells me because of the different shaped squares and rectangles which do not lined up like a normal quilt does.  Of course the Crib also grabs your eye when entering the room. 


Another view looking left.  The closet is actually quite large considering the age of our house.


We went with the “dresser as a changing table” route which I like as it seems like its more practical and will be usable for quite a long time.  Note the area rug too… this is a VERY soft “wool” rug.


And last but not least a nice wall art piece featuring wonderful graffiti.  The shelves will make for nice toy and book storage as well.  Also note the nice light switch with dimming… oooohhh.

Of course being the technology buff that I am, I have to mention that we also have a wireless video baby monitor which can expand up to 3 cameras for “multiple kid monitoring” down the road.  : )

We aren’t saying the name until she is born… so be sure to check back near the end of the month for some pictures and the name of our new daughter!

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  1. wow! you guys have made tons of progress since i saw it 2 weeks ago! it is ADORABLE…great job.

    we can’t wait to meet her!!!

    christina (and tim)

  2. Holy cow- I am totally impressed with that nursery, I love it! Nice job Amy (and John) 🙂

  3. Yeah for you guys. It looks beautiful!!! I love the sweet soft colors. We wish we were there to see it in person but this is just as good. Can’t wait for the birth. Love you guys

  4. It’s like walking into the Pottery Barn. She will be scribbling on those soft green walls before you know it!
    Take Care

  5. Oh, you guys she has such a beautiful room to come home to. It is the most beautiful room I have ever seen! Even more beautiful than any magazines. Amy you are so gifted!

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