This is by far one of my favorite video pieces of the summer.  If you’ve been following my blog you’ll note that I keep promising more from the “San Luis Obispo, California” wedding… well… this is it!  If you think the words “wedding video” means “boring”, or “I’ll only watch it a few times down the road”…. you need to see this. : )

This teaser trailer features shots using a jib and steady cam which is part of an add-on to any of my wedding video packages called “The Cinema Pack”.  I’ve included it here in 2 sizes… both are the same video.


LARGE VERSION: (For Fast Internet Connections)

[flashvideo filename=”/videos/HollandTrailer.flv” width=”640″ height=”360″ /]
SMALL VERSION: (For Slow Internet Connections)

[flashvideo filename=”/tv/HollandTrailerSmall.flv” width=”400″ height=”225″ /]

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  1. You absolutely captured the magic! (So many great shots…loved the ribbons blowing in the wind…). We watched it over and over–even went and got some popcorn. Can’t wait for more!

  2. I’m thinking I should maybe marry Greg again, just so I can have a stellar video. Today is our 8 year Anniversary, so I’m thinkin about taking that dress out of the box in another 2 years and pulling the knot a bit tighter. Sign us up August 2009!!!

  3. THAT’s the way to do it!

    Wow, so… if you mind my asking… what camera did you guys use on this?

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