I had the pleasure of shooting a world famous golf course architect “Rees Jones” recently at Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Hills, MI.  Rees was selected by Oakland Hills to revamp their current course for the upcoming PGA which Oakland Hills is hosting in 2008.

The Course was last redesigned by Rees’s father, Robert Trent Jones in 1969 who was also a world renown golf architect and now its had its last reworking by Rees Jones.

Rees was a joy to work with and was never without his VP Keith Evans who was also very friendly and kept me entertained with small conversations throughout the day.  The Press and PGA were all there and the day was pretty packed, but I managed to snag a few quick shots as Rees was moving from appointment to appointment. 

Here is my favorite Picture of Rees.

Rees Jones

During dome downtime I took some shots of the clubhouse thinking they might be able to use them for their website or other publications.  Here one of my favorites.


And here’s a shot of Rees and Keith with the clubhouse in the background.

Rees & Keith

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