Typically here we share information about the couple… but first I (Becca) want to share about what an honor and adventure this wedding was. Madeline and Jake invited us to film Coastline Studios’ first ever Mackinac Island wedding! We were filming an event up north the night before, and so it worked perfectly to make it a weekend trip for Amy, and I. We woke up and had breakfast (aka we devoured some enormous pancakes), and before long we were on the ferry! Though, we got some goofy looks, running the gimbal on board was such a fun challenge (plus we enjoyed the wind in our hair and seeing the bride like tourists). Before long we were unloading our ENORMOUS wagon of gear and walking a few blocks to our adorable bed and breakfast (shout out to the Cloghaun!!!). We dropped off our overnight bags and decided to head to The Grand Hotel a little early to snag some lunch. This was the fun part, we lifted that wagon full of gear onto the back of a carriage ourselves (girl power!), gaff taped the wheels, said a prayer, and headed up the big hill to the hotel in our house drawn taxi. Once there we ran into Madeline and Megan from The Weber Photographers, said hello, and snagged some delicious lunch Charleton’s Tea Store… Then, the filming began.

We simply ca’t wait to share this film with you. Here is the story of Jake and Madeline’s wedding:

 Carole at For the Love of Mackinac did such a fabulous job with this destination wedding. From one huge family style dining table on the porch of The Grand Hotel, to the white floral on the chuppah and running down the entire table nestled with candles, to the champagne for guests when they arrived to the ceremony, and of course the amazing meal we were all able to enjoy, every detail was covered and thought out. The best part? Everyone at the wedding made us feel so genuinely welcome. From arriving while the two got dressed, through sunset photos overlooking Lake Michigan, to flossing on the dance floor - the whole day was full of this warm, abundant, positive, loving energy. We felt so well taken care of, laid back, and creative the whole day because of it!

We are so honored we were able to capture your day, Madeline and Jake.

(And we selfishly just can't wait for our next Mackinac Island Adventure!)

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