Alex + Brendan have been fans of ours for quite some time, so when we finally got to film their wedding, we felt so blessed to be a part of it, and it was a stunning, fun, emotional day…

However, after the whirlwind of the day, when they finally got a chance to sit and catch up at dinner, they realized something incredibly important was missing… they said their “I Do’s”, exchanged their rings, had their prayers and readings, and were pronounced husband and wife… but somewhere in the midst of their ceremony their vows were forgotten, and although they were legally married, Alex and Brendan both felt like they missed out on one of the most emotional and spiritual experiences of their whole day.

So, when we offered to give them an opportunity to say their vows so we could include them in their film, they were so excited! They even brought their corgis with them!

However, after a passing storm, the studio was left out of power… So, the team snapped into action! Over 100 lit candles, having John Pottenger ordained, and one hectic morning later, we all got to be there when Alex + Brendan vowed to spend forever together in the glow of candlelight here at our studio. We all feel so lucky they wanted us to help!

Thank you Alex + Brendan, not only for being so supportive of our company, but for including us in your day, and all of those special moments… especially the one we had right here, in our very own studio. You’ll never know what that means to us!

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