This has to be one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve worked on in quite some time. It was like I was a kid in a candy store… every where I turned it was fun, enjoyable and I never wanted to leave. From shooting to editing I had a blast with this. I’m actually kind of sad that its over, but also glad to have the project completed. This project was the first thing I filmed using my new “Brevis” 35mm lens adapter and I am just in love with the images that it produces. It’s like I have a whole new set of tools to work with for creating my films.

Here are the 2 versions of the commercial I created for Lori Reedy of Reedy Boutique Photography. The first is the longer (extended) version which will go on Lori’s website, and the second is the TV (30 second) version. Wow its hard to cut things down to 30 seconds.  Whew!  Hope you likey. 🙂

Extended Version:

[flashvideo filename=”/tv/ReedyExtended.flv” width=”610″ height=”343″ /]

TV Version:

[flashvideo filename=”/tv/ReedyTV.flv” width=”610″ height=”343″ /]

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