In preparation for a HUGE wedding I have next weekend, I went out and purchased the new Nikon D90 for its HD video capabilities (and to use as a secondary / backup camera when shooting photography).  I thought about getting the D300, but the D90 was cheaper and offered HD Video while still having the same processor and sensors as the D300…

I should also note (especially for those photographers out there who may be curious) that I wanted a camera with a DX sensor so that I could throw on my zoom lenses and get that extra reach … and I also have some DX lenses (like my fisheye) and so having a DX camera as a 2nd camera made more sense than a D700 for that reason as well.

Anyway I will report more on the D90 in a bit as I have to go make a video for Holly… more on the d90 later!  Until then… enjoy this sample video footage

[flashvideo filename=”/tv/d90test_2.flv” width=”640″ height=”360″ /]

And for anyone with a desire for a SUPER LARGE version… check out this link for a high quality version… and be patient as it may take some time to load.  Also keep in mind this is still compressed, and does not truely represent the quality possible with this camera.

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  1. how to you make weeds look cool… just leave it to John.
    I’ll have to check this new body out. I think you would love the D700 too.

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