If you want to perfect your photographic skills, here is the perfect workshop for you! Check it out at www.j-jstudios.com

Here is a quote from someone who was at the last workshop we offered in the Spring:

“I just wanted to take a moment to give an honest review of the workshop that John, Jen, and Holly just offered. I am very critical of “workshops” and learning environments in general. Having said that I literally can’t say enough good things about the workshop. My expectations were relatively high and I can say without hesitation that they were all exceeded. Sure they deliver great information about every aspect of shooting and running a photography business. More importantly they inspired, encouraged, empowered, and provided a friendship that I intend to make last. I have been to countless workshops and seminars but I have never left one feeling so invested in. John, Jen and Holly are not only instructors they are advocates and a helping hand in a often lonely and overwhelming industry. Can’t say enough!!”

– Jay Irwin


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