So I’m really tired, but also very excited to be posting some images of today’s photography workshop.  It’s literally 1am, so I’m just going to throw on some fun workshop shots, and then 3 quick favorites with some of the models we had today.  More to come soon!







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  1. I just wanted to take a moment to give an honest review of the workshop that John, Jen, and Holly just offered. I am very critical of “workshops” and learning environments in general. Having said that I literally can’t say enough good things about the workshop. My expectations were relatively high and I can say without hesitation that they were all exceeded. Sure they deliver great information about every aspect of shooting and running a photography business. More importantly they inspired, encouraged, empowered, and provided a friendship that I intend to make last. I have been to countless workshops and seminars but I have never left one feeling so invested in. John, Jen and Holly are not only instructors they are advocates and a helping hand in a often lonely and overwhelming industry.

    Can’t say enough!!

    Jirwin, LLC

  2. I need to add my two cents here too! I was probably the only illustrator attending a photography workshop but it was truly a great experience for me as well! It’s always inspirational to spend time with a group of artists who excel at what they do! John, Holly, Jen and their team are exceptional! Add to that one on one instruction, tons of practical experience behind the camera, heaps of encouragement, good food, and new friends… I told my fiance’, Carrie that I was really going to miss hanging out with you all. Thank-you for an amazing weekend! I’m inspired!

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