Thought you’d enjoy this video tour I made for Urban Family Ministries.

[flashvideo filename=”/videos/UFMTour.flv” width=”400″ height=”300″ /]

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  1. Great video, John!! Plus, I love the new building and design and setup. It’s so exciting for them to have such a great space for the kids.

  2. I couldn’t see the video John, but I did see the video of Alexa. She’s adorable. I do tons of portraits of newborns, and you nailed it. I can’t believe you got a smile, dimples and all, when she’s only a couple of weeks old.
    Listening to you on the video, your voice sounded just like mine, six years ago, making my first video of my first child. Is Alexa your first?
    I get your newsletter forwarded to my by my mother-in-law (or belle-mere as she prefers) Kathy Kunkle at the West Michigan Christian Foundation.
    God Bless

  3. Wow! Talk about Christ in action! Both the center and the video are inspirations. Nice job capturing the details, and the music highlighted the directors obvious pride and excitement. (Love, love, love Alexa’s Video too…)

  4. Awesome Job John!

    Urban Family Ministries is great Ministry our Family has been involved with for some years and this Video is a great way of showing off their new Facilities!

    I know God will be Glorified through their new facilities and this video is one more tool or way to show just a taste of what UFM is all about! Great Piece!

    Thanks for showing a new light to a great Ministry!

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