I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Mindy & Harry on July 6th in here in Grand Haven, Mi … and managed to snap some of my favorite shots of the summer thus far.  Both Mindy and Harry were an absolute joy to work with, and seemed to literally fall into poses and “cute moments” all the time naturally. 

One of the areas I’ve been stretching myself in is the bridal portrait.  While I am confident in getting candid moments, and the standard posed shot with flowers, lately I’ve wanted to do more.  Not every wedding allows for such opportunities, but this one did and I was very happy to have captured the bride and groom in new ways from anything I’d done before.  Below are some of my favorite shots from the wedding.

This first one was taken in the room where the reception was about 20 minutes before all the guests arrived.  There was this huge mesh type screen over the room’s large windows, and the lighting was hard to pass up.  I took multiple shots of the bride and groom in this space, but these were a few highlights.

fashion 1




Sometimes I’ll think of a concept in my head days before a wedding, or on the drive to the wedding.  The shot below was one of my latest ideas…


Just a great shot here.  Love the color, her expression and most of all Mindy’s eyes in the picture below.


I like how the lens flair’s point right at the bride in the shot below.  A leading line of sorts.


A fun candid shot at the end of the wedding.


Can you say fairy tale wedding location?  Looks like its right out of Lord of the Rings or something! 


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  1. great photos! i really like the one of the groom looking out the window with the bride looking at him. that tree is out of control! amazing.

  2. Hi John,
    My comments are long overdue. I have shared Mindy/Harry’s pics with many of my friends and acquaitences and I have received so many comments about the beautiful photography- the photos captured the whole event perfectly. One of my friends who is MOG of Tom Skilling (you are doing his wedding next June) viewed your photos, sent to her future daughter-in-law and she was so impressed, she could look no further.
    Congratulations on your baby daughter and thanks again (to your assistant also) for the awesome job you did with Mindy/Harry’s wedding.

    Mary Worst (MOB)

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