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If you've never hired a videographer before, you might not know what to look for (or AVOID!).  As you seek to educate yourself and compare videographers, here are a few things from our 20+ years of experience that we think are important to consider...


more operators are essential

Coastline Studios is the only videographer in Michigan that includes 3 or more camera operators on two-thirds of its packages. Having more operators results in better storytelling, more complete coverage & unmatched creative opportunity that can't be found in 1-person crews.


  • Avoid "1-person coverage" packages. One person is unable to professionally and adequately capture the most important day of your life by themself at a level of quality that your wedding day deserves.
  • More cameras (without an operator) DOES NOT equal quality. Without an actual person running each camera, you cannot ensure the quality of what is filmed on those cameras. "Unmanned" cameras are often unexpectedly blocked by photographers and guests which significantly lower the quality of your video.

EXPerience matters

Since 2003, we’ve filmed weddings of every budget and size... from 7-figure celebrity weddings to intimate backyard ceremonies... all around the world. As a result, we've learned how to adapt, be flexible, and work seamlessly and discreetly to minimize being visibility on your wedding day.

  • Over 20 years of experience filming weddings.
  • Over 800 weddings filmed, edited and delivered.
  • Filmed weddings all over the world including Italy, Brazil, and several US states including Hawaii, California, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Connecticut, West Virginia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

a reputation built on Trust

To achieve 20+ years of being in business, we put in the work building and maintaining a high standard of service, and crafted a reputation of professionalism that has earned the trust of our couples and the wedding industry professionals that we work alongside of.

  • Over 80% of our bookings are from "word of mouth" referrals.
  • Over 65 5-Star reviews on "The Knot" and "Wedding Wire". 
  • Trusted by several notable planners, photographers and industry professionals to film weddings, parties and birthday celebrations.

your story, beautifully told

Beyond just filming your wedding, we place a high value on telling your unique story so your kids and grandkids to come will get to know you, and the story that lead to this pivotal day in your life.

  • In our "Cinematic Packages" we conduct a short interview of each partner on the wedding day about how you met, and masterfully weave your story into your wedding film (participation optional).
  • Our films carefully balance your interviews (when available) vows, toasts, readings and sermons to craft a wedding film that goes beyond just a musical montage.
  • We bring the highest level of editing polish to every film we create. Every carefully selected frame is stabilized, color corrected and balanced with music and dialog to ensure the emotion of your story is portrayed with excellence.

Packages start at $2900 ...                          

              ... simplified into three payments of $966  


Pay up to 4-6 months after the wedding...

Your last payment isn't due until your video is fully edited and ready for you.


We understand that weddings can get expensive, and budgets can be difficult to manage. That is why we offer a number of different avenues to make your investment in video easier to manage.

  • ANNIVERSARY GIFT - Save $300 ... on any package when you choose to receive your wedding video on your 1-year anniversary and postpone your last payment for an entire year!
  • OFF SEASON GIFT - Save $300 ... on any "Cinematic Package" if your wedding takes place in our "off season" of January - March. ($200 discount for "Bundle Packages")
  • WEEKDAY GIFT - Save $300 ... if your wedding takes place on a weekday (Monday-Thursday).


When you make payments by check...

Get all your raw (unedited) video and audio files for free when all your payments are paid by check!


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