Coastline has always been a place where we value teamwork, collaboration and continual learning and improvement.  Our internship program is a great way to plug into our team if you are looking to grow your skills and get instruction how you can hone your editing or shooting skills.

Coastline Studios is proud to say we have been working with interns since 2008 by working with a variety of schools including Ferris State University, Grand Valley State University, Cornerstone University, Calvin College, and Kendall College of Art and Design.  Since we started our intern program, we have provided opportunities for over 10 full time interns, and 20 part time interns.

Our Program

The majority of the internship is working in AVID Media Composer as a video editor, however we do tailor each internship experience as much as possible to accommodate specific goals of each student.  For example, some students are only interested in growing as an editor, while others wish to learn more about filming, composition and working on productions as well.  We always aim to provide a well-rounded experience for our interns and supplement the post production work with shooting opportunities when there is the desire by the intern for that experience.  Because we are a small company, our interns work directly with REAL projects for REAL clients under the guidance of our staff.  This access to practical real world projects makes your work more enjoyable and motivational as it means you are a contributor to the overall team as we serve our clients together.


What you will learn

Every intern is different, but quite often our interns find that in addition to getting to be better, faster and smarter editors, they learn countless new features in AVID and how to think smarter as they make decisions as an editor.  Many interns tell us that they “learned more in their first week at Coastline Studios than they did at college.”  In addition, many interns appreciated learning our workflow and how to tackle a project from start to finish.  With a focus on collaboration and team work, interns gain valuable insights on what a healthy team approach looks like when it comes to creating films for our clients.



From year to year we provide between 2 to 4 editing intern positions each year depending on the workload of that particular year. 1 to 2 openings are offered in the winter/spring term (January through May), and 1 to 2 in the summer / fall term (June through November).  Generally we aim to fill our full time internship positions first, and then supplement with part time interns as needed.



We have 2 types of internship opportunities at Coastline Studios.  Depending on our workload in a given year we usually have 1 of each type per term.

Full time interns are expected to put in 40 hours a week for 5 to 6 month commitment.

Part time interns are expected to put in no less than 15 hours a week for 4 to 6 month commitment.



Interns are expected to be 20+ years old and in their Junior or Senior year of their Undergraduate schooling. Graduate and older (post collage) students are always welcome to accommodate those wishing to simply work for experience and not for credit.  Anyone joining our internship program are expected to have a working knowledge of video editing software before applying.  AVID Media Composer experience is not required specifically, but it is encouraged.  We are looking for people who are technically savvy, understand video editing concepts and can take direction well and apply it.



Our Internships are not paid positions, but rather seen as learning opportunities and a way of providing “real world” experience for college age students.  However, it should be noted that many of our interns have gone on to work in a paid capacity after their internship is completed.  In fact, most of our current and past employees were at one time an intern for Coastline, and many of our subcontracted shooters were also Coastline Studios interns.



If you are interested in applying to be one of our interns, please contact us.  Please include your resume, cover letter and a link to your demo or anything that highlights the work that you have done.