It’s been a few weeks now, but we are happy to return with a new trailer! With wedding season at its end, we’re excited to crack down on our computers to bring you more fantastic films, highlights, shows, and trailers! And what better way to start than with Liz and Adam’s timeless Amway Grand Wedding?!

Here's the couple's story on how they met (from their questionnaire):

"I would come home from college (Hope College) in the summertime and would often go to a gym down the street from where I lived to stay in shape for basketball while I was home. I would often do a boot camp class to help me stay in shape, and there was always this one guy in class who was super in shape and worked really hard, but I never really asked about who he was. Once I graduated from college, I was back home permanently in Grand Rapids and continued going to this same gym. And sure enough, Adam still went there too and we both still did that boot camp class. The trainer of the class was a mutual friend of both of ours, so we naturally ended up chatting every now and then and would go out with groups of friends from the gym. Eventually, he casually asked me to go to dinner two or three times. I knew there was something different about him and I knew I was really interested to find out more about him, but I had just gotten out of a serious relationship and also knew I was not ready to give him my best me, and wouldn't be able to completely open up to him. So I was extremely honest with him and told him just that. That was the game-changing moment - he completely respected my decision, and gave me all the time and space that I needed to get my life back on track and where I wanted to be, but still managed to be super friendly at the gym and it didn't change a thing. Almost a year later, I let my guard down slowly but surely, and I think he could sense that. He eventually told me that he was interested in pursuing something with me if I was ready, and if I was interested. After slowly getting to know him and who he was, and what he was all about for the past year, I knew I was interested in spending more time with him."

Our day started off downtown at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, splitting up to join Liz and her gals on one side of the building, and Adam and his guys on the other side. Make-up by Angie Miller and Becca Means of Heidi Christine’s Salon & Spa were already hard at work when we arrived, pampering the ladies as they sipped mimosas and laughed the morning away. We were able to take our time getting some beautiful shots of Liz’s Badgley Mischka heels, sweet Converse bridal-kicks, and drop-dead gorgeous Anne Barge gown from Bella Bianca Bridal - Chicago. Meanwhile, the men caught a little of the morning’s soccer action on TV before stepping into their Men’s Warehouse - Kenneth Cole suits.

Before heading to the church, the two walked over to the steps of the Civic Auditorium to share an adorable first look. Then it was off to St. Marks Episcopal Church to be wed. As always, Elyse Riemersma and Posh Petals did an incredible job decorating both the ceremony and the reception ballroom ❤️. Their touches could be felt in every aspect of the day, and captured the couple's request of traditional formalness to a T.

After an elegant Christian - Protestant ceremony, and exchanging their Almassian Jewelers rings, the bridal party jumped aboard a White Knight Limousine to head out for some photos while their guests were invited over to the Amway Grand for cocktails. Adam and Liz were joined by their sweet pup, Molly, for an amazing photo session with Kelly Sweet. But then it was time to make their (Amway 😉) Grand entrance!

Posh did an unbelievable job with the Ambassador Ballroom. Amway Hotel provided the food and cake/dessert table, Minted with the stationary, and Skyline on the stage pumping out the tunes to make for an awesome end to the night! And let’s not forget that candy table… 😮 😋

It was a perfectly timeless day at the Amway Grand, and we couldn’t have been happier with the way it all turned out! Congrats on forever, Liz and Adam!

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