The story of how Sarah + Jeremy met is the cutest (from their questionnaire):

"We met in a pretty unconventional way. At a hair salon. First impression stories below. We fell in love in Traverse City and were engaged on sleeping bear dunes 2 years later. We built a house then decided to get married, finally!

Her Perspective:
We have a really great story actually...on a sunny summer day I was getting my hair done at salon in an area I don't usually frequent. While sitting there with foils in my hair, a tall, handsome man walked through the door. He was my kind of guy. Black shorts, bright yellow t-shirt, also rocking what I now affectionally refer to as "moon shoes" ...I was too embarrassed to make eye contact and he was too oblivious to know I even existed. My stylist said "he's not wearing a ring, I am going to talk to him for you..." I quickly said "NO!" and hurried out of the salon not thinking twice about the option of even knowing this mystery mans name. Later that day I received a text from her, "his name is Jeremy, here is his number." Turns out he was there getting a hair cut because his barber was at a golf outing and his moms stylist was the only one available to cut his hair before a big job interview on Monday. I ended up texting him, I put him in my phone as "Jeremy Hair"...we would text back and forth for a week until we decided to meet up in person with all of this friends at Red Coat Tavern. Our first date was random, we raced cars up and down Woodard and stopped at his friends house after. A couple weeks past and we decided to go out again, this time we were able to get to know each other a lot better and the rest is history. I love my guy and am thankful for us every single day. 

His Perspective:
It’s a Saturday morning I wake up to get my hair cut but my barber is not in. Usually I would put it off until he’s back in but I have an interview Monday morning. I called my Mom to see if she can get me in with her guy. I was given two appointment times, I pick the earlier one. I arrive and sit in the chair. To my right I see a girl in a long blue and white summer skirt getting her hair done. Shortly after she gets up pays for the service and leaves. Her stylist walks over to my chair and asks if she can give my number to the girl that just left. I write it on a small piece of paper and hand it to her. I head to my parent’s place after getting my hair cut to swim in the lake. A few hours of swimming pass and I check my phone. It’s from the nameless girl in the summer skirt. It says, I know this is weird but I got your number from the girl at the salon. My name is Sarah. Our first date was a little unorthodox, loud cars, loud people, a very unfiltered small view of who I was. Our second date was better, I took you to a Mexican restaurant in a strip mall. 

I wasn’t supposed to be in a hair salon that day. Our paths should have never crossed. Your name I should never know. How a brief chance moment in time without a word spoken between us changed my world forever. That nameless girl sitting a few feet away has become my world."

So cute! We can't wait to share their film with you!

We arrived to Traverse City just in time for Sarah + Jeremy's first look! Alongside Allen Kent Photography we wandered around the sidewalks of Traverse City in front of Lake Michigan, capturing portraits before we headed to Brengman Brothers Winery for the big event!

Up the hill was the sweetest ceremony overlooking the vineyard. We love when their friends surprise them with a cut out of their doggo, so funny! After a kiss, these two were off to their tented reception, with agate slice table numbers, Tricky Triangle games, floral from Hoopers Farm, pie from Grand Traverse Pie Co., a glorious Chicken McNugget tower, corn-hole, and everything else they needed for a laid back and fantastically fun reception! We also LOVED Sarah's second dress, she was so ready to party the night away!

We had such an amazing time at this wedding, it was so laid back and warm and welcoming... we enjoyed every minute. Congratulations on forever, you two!

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