As we are sure you’ve figured out by now, life is full of ups and downs. Some moments that seem small end up being big moments later on. Sometimes a big event is coming up and instead of being distracted by taking pictures and video yourself, you want to be present, in the moment, and able to wholeheartedly enjoy every second. Whether it’s a birthday party for yourself or a loved one, the birth of your child, or even the first few days you are home with the little one, our Art or Life Films are perfect to capture those memories.

Maybe every year you bake an apple pie with your grandma and you want to remember the exact way she pinches the crust, or the way she measures the ingredients by hand... You play a board game as a family every Friday night, or you and your friends meet up once a year for a beach day, whatever the occasion, we can be there to capture every moment.

Life happens, it’s always happening. The days seem long but the years are short. So, we here at Coastline are re-launching our Art of Life films to capture the big moments, the little moments, and maybe even the mundane everyday moments in between.

For more information on our Art of Life packages, shoot us an email at! And enjoy some previews of our work below.

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