Five years! It has been five years since we found space in our schedule to create a new reel of some of our favorite moments, shots, decor, dresses, events, families, clients, love stories, and experiences to share with all of you. But we did it, and we think this film showcases all of the reasons we are so thankful for our careers of capturing moments for people they will never be able to live again… except through video.

Putting together things like this is daunting and overwhelming. Sometimes, it feels like we just can’t showcase everything and everyone we want to. We want to piece together multiple days (or in this case, years! Haha!) to create one film that drives one message home: whoever you are, whatever your race, gender, religion, orientation, traditions and life experiences are, we want to tell your story. We want to be there to capture the big moments, and the little moment you don’t realize are big until years later… We want to be there to capture your smiles, tears, laughs, and awesome dance moves. We want to retell your story in a way that every year on your anniversary, on those nights when marriage is tough, you pop in your film and you remember why you chose your partner, why you married your best friend… why every day with the person you love is worth it and worth fighting for. We want to preserve your day perfectly so it can live on forever.

We love that we get to learn about everyone’s story, history, background, and culture while cultivating a creative lifestyle. We learn more and more about weddings and the different traditions they hold to different people every year… not only do the events of our clients allow us to actively advance our skills, but at the same time we get to learn about all of you: our clients, the people who have decided to help us make our dreams come true and support our families by doing what we love.

We are so endlessly thankful for the journey this career has taken all of us on, and we are so thrilled to share it with all of you. Enjoy!



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