Leslie + Matt | Married July 2, 2017

How Leslie + Matt got engaged (from their questionnaire):

“He proposed about 2 1/2 years after we met – he had invited me over to a end of school year/beginning of summer brunch with his four boys. I was running late and feeling super guilty about it, and I called him and apologized for ruining the day…his response was something like “you are not ruining the day, you make my day”. So I arrived feeling much better 🙂 When I got there, he said the food wasn’t ready yet, so just come hang out with him and the kids…they were all lounging about on the couch and playing with their phones while the oldest was playing his guitar. Matt suggested that he play me the new song he had been working on, and Jack (his oldest) started to play “Marry Me” by Train. I immediately got chills and thought – wait a second, what is happening?! But the other kids were still looking at their phones and seemingly involved in surfing the web, etc. Then suddenly Matt stood up and went down on one knew, and the three other boys stood up and lined up holding signs that said “Will You Marry Me?” and he proposed. I almost fainted afterwards and couldn’t get up from the couch for a full 30 minutes because I was so shocked. He had told a few of my friends and brother about the plan, so we then went to meet them for drinks and celebrate!”

Venue: The Homestead
Photography: Shutter Sam
Floral: Bloom
DJ: Elysium Experience | Nathan Towne

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