Brianna + Corey | Married July 1, 2017

How Brianna + Corey met and got engaged (from their questionnaire):

“Corey and I met at Oakland Christian Church, he threw a starburst wrapper at me to get my attention haha (if anyone knows Corey you aren’t surprised by this, he’s quite the jokester.)
Our story is perfect, it is my favorite love story because from the beginning we both felt God’s hand on us. His peace and wisdom leading and directing every step. Three weeks prior to meeting my future husband I wrote in my journal that I would be giving up on dating, I didn’t want to date to date or pursue another relationship that wasn’t directed by Gods leading. I surrendered my heart completely to my loving savior and allowed him to guard my heart from that point on. I even signed a note that said i wouldn’t date for one year!

Little did I know that Corey was all a part of gods plan for me…

Upon meeting and hanging out with friends I told Corey about my commitment and the promise I had made with God, I turned him down!! 🙁 he then told me that he would be leaving in a few weeks to Bulgaria to play professional basketball for ONE YEAR! it was perfect. So we both just trusted that if God wanted us together that he would make a way. We never forced anything, we just trusted God and leaned into his promises for us. While he was away for that year, we developed such a strong friendship and bond.. our FaceTime conversations sometimes lasted 5 hours.. haha

When he came home in May, he still honored my commitment I had made to the lord and didn’t ask me to be his girlfriend until July 20th.

On November 26th, Corey planned the most perfect romantic proposal I could ever dream of. As we sailed on a private sailboat into the sunset on Marco Island, FL he asked me to marry him and shared a vision the Lord had given him while he was oversees of me walking down the aisle as his wife! As we sailed back into the harbor dolphins were jumping as if they were congratulating us! haha

At a time when we least expected to meet our future spouses it was a part of Gods plan all a long. God knew us before we were born and does not withhold the best gifts for his children! he is faithful!”


Venue: Black Star Farms
Photography: Kendal Borel

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