From the couple..

“During their first conversation at a DC bar, Janice mentioned to Frank that she participated in a tutoring program for middle school students in the neighborhood. We suspect Frank may have had ulterior motives when he expressed interest and asked Janice to email him more information. Frank soon signed up, and every Monday night after work he made the 45-minute drive to DC to teach financial literacy to two not-so-interested 7th grade girls… but mostly looked forward to grabbing a drink or dinner with Janice afterwards. At first Janice wasn’t quite sure what to make of this handsome-but-somewhat-serious aerospace engineer who grew up on a cattle ranch in Montana… but he soon won her over with his kindness and sweet personality!”

What a fantastic story; talk about persistence! Frank’s pursuit of Janice reminds us of a romantic comedy. Watching Janice in the wedding video, you can see her elegant grace in how she carries herself; no wonder Frank was hooked! She looked beautiful on her day in a dress from Ellie’s Bridal, a smooth chignon by Denise Sharpe Hair and simple makeup by Shawn Iuculano. The elegant higher neck dress was absolutely Southern class. We can’t wait to see the photos by Rodney Bailey! In total, our favorite part of this wedding had to be the gorgeous Virginia reception space Belle Haven Country Club and Southern over-the-top florals by Laura Francis from Floral Presentations. We go to a lot of Michigan weddings, and it was nice to go down south for a bit and experience Southern exuberance. The youthful and elegant couple cut their cake by Connie’s Cake Creations, and instead of wanting to eat it, we want to pin it! The day was a total success, and now all that’s left is to say congratulations you two!



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