Leslie and Jon met in high school and the two have dated since she was 16. They know each other better than anyone, and it definitely shows!

From the couple- “Jon is definitely a fun guy. He loves to joke and play, but he also is one of the most caring and thoughtful people. Leslie is a very fun and caring person. Together, we love to laugh, joke and be silly and spend time with our families and friends” .

Their wedding was absolutely fun-filled with endless laughter and joking. The Amway Grand Hotel matched their time-honored classic style that they wanted to get across. Leslie explained to us “Our wedding has a very traditional and classic feel to it. We wanted it to be something that was timeless, but also celebrated our personalities and relationship.” Well they definitely pulled that off by having just the right elements! Instead of having a DJ, these two opted for a funky group called Skyline and the Backstreet Horns. The swanky sweet vibe at this wedding matched Leslie and Jon perfectly.

As always we were blown away by  Modern Day Floral‘s floral design. They mixed violets, deep oranges, pinks and greens, drawing out a beautiful September theme. Our favorite detail had to be the Ice Cream bar from Hudsonville Ice Cream. What a great pick-me-up for the guests! Good job with creativity and tradition guys-and congratulations on your wedding!


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