We ADORE this story about Pauley + Joe written by a bridesmaid, so cute:

“Can I close??” Pauley naively asked the attending surgeon. Despite being warned not to speak to this particular staff, Pauley couldn’t help but ask. Stunned silence ensued. She had spoken to The Unspeakable and, more than that, had dared to ask him to finish the surgery and stitch up the patient (which is a job 3rd year medical students are never allowed to do!).

After an eternity, he hissed, “You can watch me close.” All the residents were a buzz about this bold third year medical student. Should they be impressed? embarrassed? One urology resident in particular took extra notice: Joe Jacob. “So who is this guy you went out with last night?” her friends asked. “Oh… just some random guy from the hospital…” she giggled. “And I originally told him no because I just got back from the gym, but then he just showed up on my doorstep! I ended up going out in my workout clothes! But it wasn’t really a date, just a nice dinner.” (???).

Even with Pauley’s best efforts to play coy, her friend Lauren tipped Joe off that he wasn’t so “random” after all. Two days after seeing each other, much to Pauley’s chagrin, Lauren sent Joe a Facebook friend request: “Hi, you don’t know me, but I’m Pauley’s friend!” From there, the gig was up. Despite Pauley referring to Joe as a “Random guy”, “a boy”, “just my friend” and downplaying their dating status for the next 6-9 months, we all (most importantly, Joe), knew he was much, much more than that.

Luckily Joe finally shed the nondescript titles, but that doesn’t mean Pauley was done putting Joe through his paces. The poor sleep-deprived resident knew he’d have to impress: so he slept even less. Dinner dates that ended late, midnight runs to pick up Pauley and pals so they didn’t have to walk 2 blocks in the rain, wee-hour phone calls for rides from Pauley’s sister, Jenny. We have no idea how many botched urologic procedures resulted. Then there was getting over the high jump: being Greek enough. Luckily, Egyptians and Greeks go way, way, way back. : )

Alas, this last September, Joe finished off the “Random Guy” label for good. He took Pauley to dinner for what she thought was a thank you for all her help with his new condo. Pauley did not connect the obvious hints including the overly-attentive wait staff, private room, fresh flowers, and personalized menus with an expected proposal. The couple enjoyed an elaborate 5 course meal together which ended with dessert and a ring, followed by celebrating family and friends. And while he didn’t use the cavalier words “Can I close?” (but man, that would have worked really well in this story, Joe), he got down on one knee and asked something just as bold: “I Love You. Will you marry me?”  

Photography by Cory + Jackie

And they were wed, and we had the honor of capturing the day for them!

https://vimeo.com/99363524″  height=”” width=”700″]  

Congratulations you two!

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