My name is Kate Richards and I graduated December of 2012 from Grand Valley State University with a degree in film and video with an emphasis in editing. I am VERY excited to be working here at Coastline Studios as the new Project Manager. The team here has given me a warm welcome as I dive head first into our busy season! This is a job that I am absolutely passionate about as I get to help do some managerial work as well as do some editing. I love working with my team, they are truly amazing and talented. I love seeing where each film starts and what we create as the end product. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to join this amazing team and can’t wait to help create amazing memories for all of our clients on their special days.


I am loving every minute here, what girl wouldn’t when we are surrounded by weddings all day long?! Some of my favorite things about weddings are the bold color choices! I think color is one of the best parts to weddings as to me it showcases the couple’s personality and style. When it comes to weddings, I am very traditional but yet love a little sass. I think bold pieces and little touches are the best way to create the desired environment for your wedding. One of my secret (not so secret anymore) pieces I want to incorporate into my wedding one day is lights. I am a big fan of different kinds of lights, lanterns, and string bulbs; as I believe they add a factor to the mood and can be such a creative addition to decorations.

Here are some of my favorite finds from Pinterest (Check out my board here):

My favorite Trailer before working here was Liz and John’s wedding trailer. I think the use of bold color and simple but unique center pieces really made the reception pop. They weren’t afraid to be themselves as seen in John’s changing of clothes in the reception and I think that is the whole point of your wedding. Every time I watch this trailer I tear up because I feel the love between Liz and John and can feel that emotion especially in the first look. John’s reaction is adorable and makes my heart melt. I can’t wait to see which trailer I’ll choose for my favorite this wedding season!


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