At Coastline Studios we really do our best to capture and preserve everyone’s special day to the best of our abilities. That means our hard work, effort, talent, and time are devoted completely to each of our couple’s films (for approximately 80 hours each wedding!).

This video shows the post-production process we go through for each individual wedding we film, and it shows all the little steps we go through to make sure our couples will be able to remember their day in the most beautiful way possible. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to polish our films, and to work together as a team to make
sure the best possible film goes out the door. We are excited to say that each film is personalized to represent every couple, no matter how different, and all those special details they had at their day.

We all really love our jobs, and do our best to save memories for beautiful couples, because we really care about each couple that decides to include us in one of the most Important days of their lives, and trusts us to create the film they will watch for years to come.

Check out our film “Editing” to find out more about what goes into every film that leaves our studio.

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