I loved everything about this wedding…  but mostly the people.  From the moment we arrived I felt welcomed and included by both Matt and Melissa as well as the entire family and wedding party.  We typically take a “stay out of the way” approach to our filming and try to interact just enough to “become part of the family” but not get in the way or be annoying… well in this case there was no choice but be involved and have fun right from the get go.  I think Matt sent more little messages/jokes to me through the groom mic at the rehearsal than he spent actually rehearsing!  hehe.  And the wedding day following was just as much fun with all who were involved.

Add to this the beautiful lakeside setting of The Village at Bay Harbor, and the reception at Castle Farms and you can’t help but enjoy yourself while shooting this wonderful story.  Everything was wonderfully coordinated and designed by Kris of Merry Makers and beautifully photographed by Marco & Liz of Marco Antonio Photography… both were fantastic to work with.

But enough of my chatter… On to the video!  I hope you enjoy watching this sneak peak of their wedding day it as much as we enjoyed filming it! 🙂

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