Today we played this video as a “Next Day” edit of the wedding we shot yesterday. It received rave reviews at the reception and even got an encore playing after the cake cutting. We hope you will enjoy it as well! 🙂 Special thanks to Nate Totten for pulling an “all nighter” to get this done for today’s showing of the video!

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  1. I think you and your studio did an outstanding job on their video. It is beautiful. Great song selection as well

  2. I had SUCH a great experience with this crew; I would highly recommend them to everyone. Very professional, very kind, VERY experienced. Thank you so much! Everyone from the wedding and reception has been talking about this video.

  3. Thank You! Eric and I can’t stop watching. Your production has touched our hearts. Our reception guests were captivated. When we played it a second time at the reception it really was by popular demand– so many wanted to see it again– including Eric and I. We had a wonderful two days of wedding and reception and you all are forever a part of that. With gratitude, Catherine and Eric.

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