You may or may not be aware that one of the things we like to do for our clients is debut our wedding film of their special day in a movie theater. This experience is included in our top two packages (The Theater and Hollywood Packages) and is also available as an add on to our other two packages (The Story and Director’s Packages).

We offer this for a variety of reasons, but one of the little known highlights of a Theater Screening is the benefit of having many of the family members and friends who were at the wedding get together one more time for a shared time of fun and reconnection 4 to 6 months after the wedding. I know for me, having so many people that were close and important to me come together for that one special wedding day was so meaningful, and in pretty much a once and a lifetime experience. When else in life do friends and family of both the bride and groom get together again in one place?   Practically never. Perhaps one family will get together at a reunion, but rarely (perhaps never) are BOTH the bride and groom’s families together in the same place … and never would friends of the bride and groom be at a family reunion as well.

These Theater Screening celebrations are special for this reason alone.  An opportunity to prolong the wedding bliss experience and invite once again all those who are close to you to come together for another time of celebration and reconnection. For many of our couples who do a Theater Screening it becomes one of the most anticipated events in the first few months after the wedding, and with good reason. 🙂

This fun little video give a quick overview of what a Theater screening looks like.  It features Ron and Angela’s wedding which took place in Connecticut.  You can see their Wedding Trailer by clicking HERE or the Ceremony Highlights portion of their wedding film by clicking HERE.

Below is another video that showcases a recent Theater Screening experience. This was Joe & Michelle’s wedding which was a 1940’s vintage themed event. You can see part of their wedding film by clicking HERE or their Teaser Trailer by clicking HERE.  This video not only shows a completely different kind of theater screening, but also talks about how important video was to the couple, family and friends.

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