One of my favorite weddings of 2010 was Joe and Michelle’s 1940’s themed wedding. There were so many little details that really contributed to make the 1940’s theme authentic, from the clothes and hair styles to the cars and even their locations had a vintage flair to them. Add to that, 2 extraordinarily people who are so in love… and you have all the pieces needed to put together an outstanding and creative wedding. (You can see their wedding day “teaser trailer” at this earlier blog post.)

The completed film is nearly 40 minutes long, but I thought I’d share just a small piece of their finished wedding movie today. This is probably my favorite part of the film for a number of reasons…

First, I love how the music blended so well with the images. At this point in the film (about 17 minutes in), all the music thus far had been pretty upbeat and “happy go lucky” as most big band era music is… and I felt it needed to take a turn and begin to better reflect the emotions felt during this part of the day. The first song was one I had in my library and it blended very well into the 2nd song which was given to me by Joe and Michelle.

Secondly I like this section of their wedding film because of the way it edited together. I purposefully tried to time the edits like an old home movie. Some shots are longer, some shorter and only some of them fall “on beat”. I really wanted to give it an “old fashioned” feel, and not just put shots together with a fancy film effect over the top of it. (I should add that only about 50% of the finished film has the “film effect” on it and the rest is as it was shot in full color).

And third, I loved having the full vows and other sections of the wedding ceremony narrated over the music during the ceremony section. The blend of music, images and voice over just really came together to create a powerful ceremony highlight video like none I had ever done before.

I want to also add a note about the “box” as many people who have seen it here in the studio have ask what that was all about. Joe and Michelle each wrote letters to each other and sealed them only to be opened and read on their 10 year anniversary (along with a bottle of wine). The mothers put the letters and wine in the box and then (in place a when a unity candle is often lit), Joe and Michelle took turns nailing the lid of the box to seal it.

Filming and editing this wedding was so much fun and I’m kind of sad that its over to be honest.  But I do have one more thing to look forward to…  Joe and Michelle are going to rent out an old theater and show it to their friends and family in Feburary.  This is one of my newer services that I offer and the heart of my “Theater Package”.   Needless to say I’m very much looking forward to their “World Premier” of their wedding film shown privately to their friends and family.  I plan to bring a video camera to the event … so perhaps there will be some video highlights of this for you to enjoy down the road. ; )

So without any further delay, I give you a small sampling of one of our 2010 wedding films… I hope you enjoy it!

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