Below is a video that was created for – who today launched a new interface that allows people to easily create their own “fix it” guides to anything.  Not just electronics, but everything.  Think cars to dishwashers to pluming to iPhones.  If you know how to fix something, share your knowledge with the world at and by doing so you’ll help reduce the amount of waste people create while also helping people fix things!

This video was co-edited with my stellar intern Christine Praniewicz, and the Africa footage was shot by none other than the co-founder of iFixit himself, Kyle Wiens.  Enjoy!


I just had someone ask me what to do with their electronics after they’ve repaired for a while or are beyond repair… here’s the answer:

if you are in Grand Rapids take it to Comprenew on Ionia – – they do a fantastic job of recycling electronics ZERO effects on the environment.  If you are NOT in Grand Rapids, do a search for “Electronics Recycling” and look for a local place that does it.  Some of these places are “for profit” though so make sure you find a place that is doing it for the right reasons and with the right environmental protective process in place.  Comprenew rocks!

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