I don’t know where to begin talking about this wedding… other than to say I loved it.  I love outdoor weddings, but by far my favorite weddings are on a beach like this one was.  Add to that my “Cinema Pack” with the added “jib” shots and you have the makings of one all the ingredients for a fun day of shooting.

Of course without Gamal (Jay) and Jessica’s fun loving spirit and deep love for each other all the equipment in the world wouldn’t have mattered in telling their wedding story.  They are truly some of the kindest and fun loving people I’ve met and are genuine throughout.  My crew (Jay Irwin and Tyler Jackson) and I all felt like we were part of their family and were celebrating with them the entire day, and it was so easy to tell their story for them and with them.  Jay is Turkish and there were fun little Turkish elements mixed in through out the day such as the “Turkish Evil Eye” on Jessica’s bracelet and the favors.

The wedding was beautifully coordinated by Rachel Cytacki from All Things Creative with every detail carefully planned out.  Looking back we hardly noticed Rachel (and her husband Dan) working as they seemed to have everything running so well… I rarely saw them in action.  You could tell the day was planned out perfectly in advance as they were never stressed and always had a smile when working.  The day went perfectly thanks to their careful blend of planning and execution which made our job so easy and that much more fun. 🙂

The wedding took place in Northern Michigan at a residence on Michigan’s beautiful Leelanau Peninsula and was officiated by Reverend Jack Baragar who did a fantastic job.  The weather was a little iffy in the morning and there were scattered rain showers all around the Traverse City area, but it all managed to stay south and east of us.  The result was a magical blend of clouds and sunlight that resulted in this beautiful soft light with pastel blues in the sky and in the water.  We couldn’t have asked for better lighting and weather.

I’ll be honest… I’m really excited about this this trailer (if you haven’t figured that out by now) and I am so proud to post it today.  The discovery of the music was recent and I knew it was a perfect match for this wedding.

So without any further delay, I give you Jay and Jessica’s Wedding trailer:

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